Chickpea, Chorizo, Kale

Kale from the Union Square farmers market

Tonight’s meal is an adaptation of a Mark Bittman recipe I found a couple of years ago (here). I made this a hundred times, we loved it, and then it fell by the wayside, as recipes do. This one, though, fell off partly because I fiddled around and kind of blew it in two ways, on two separate occasions: First time, I made it with vegetarian chorizo, which was, let’s say, a mistake. Weird texture, weird taste. I lost my appetite and never went searching around for other vegetarian options, just figured I should make this with pork chorizo (btw, I am a big fan of eating non-meat meals; I discovered that I am not, though, a fan of faux meats). Second time, I ruined the chickpeas by not soaking/cooking them long enough (I used, as I try to, dried beans rather than canned or boxed). The result was dry, crumbly chickpeas. This happened not so long after the fake chorizo mess, resulting in my total loss of desire for this particular meal for quite a while.

It’s now been a long time since I’ve made this dish, but we’ve been talking about it and talking about it and talking about it, and I’ve felt the love return. Here it is.

IMG_2311 IMG_2309

Chickpea, Chorizo, and Kale


Olive Oil
Paprika (hot or sweet)
Sherry (I’ve made the dish without when I haven’t had any on hand, but it’s better with)
Chorizo (Mexican or Spanish, spicy or not)
Vegetable broth or water
Kale (or Spinach or other dark leafy green)
Red pepper flakes
Salt to taste
Fresh thyme or parsley (optional)

Making It

  • Saute garlic and onions in olive oil with salt until turning translucent
  • Add chickpeas and let brown (if you’ve soaked your own chickpeas you’ll need more salt; if using canned or boxed, you probably won’t)
  • Add a splash of sherry
  • Add sliced or chopped chorizo, let brown
  • Add some liquid (vegetable broth or water), enough to make a nice broth base, but not enough to make a soup

Set the chickpeas aside, and saute the kale with garlic, salt, and red pepper flakes. You could do this at the same time as the chickpeas are cooking, or do this before; both parts of this dish hold up well.

Serving It


Make a bed of greens and serve a portion of the stew on top; sprinkle fresh thyme or parsley on top if you have/want. This is how I do it, but you could also cut the greens into ribbons before cooking and then stir the whole thing together.

Here’s what we drank tonight:
IMG_2313 IMG_2312

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