Photo: A summer farmers market bounty, 2012

Welcome to Tiny Kitchen Table, a little food blog. My husband (David) and I (Claudia) make dinner almost every night, and when we have time off during the day, sometimes lunches too, most of which we eat at our very small kitchen table.  Our food tastes range everywhere, meat and no-meat, heavy on the vegetables, usually with cheese to start, almost always with beer or wine. We thought we’d share our meals, so I hope you enjoy!

The tiny kitchen table:


A note about my recipes: I don’t offer a ton of exact measurements in most recipes, mostly because I’m cooking by taste and sight. For instance, I love a lot of garlic and red pepper, but you may not. Except for baked goods, which have more precise measurements, my recipes are more like lists of ingredients with explanations of how I prepare them. If you ever have specific questions, please feel free to ask in the Comments section!

You can contact me with questions or comments at tinykitchentable [at] gmail [dot] com.


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